I am a construction project manager who takes great pride in delivering beautiful extensions to the delight of my clients. “I squealed when I came home and saw it!” (Mrs J, Sevenoaks, Mar 2012). Through meticulous planning and many years experience in all aspects of construction, I will ensure your extension is built to an excellent standard, delivered on time AND on budget.

THE PROCESS: Every construction project is different and each one throws up different challenges. A  carefully planned and well managed extension project will ensure that the end product is a source of pleasure and satisfaction for everyone involved.

[1] CLIENT DISCUSSIONS – The initial discussions with the client are to establish their requirements and needs and to ensure that the build concept is viable given any practical or budgetary restrictions that may be present.

[2] APPOINTING PROFESSIONALS – The next step is to appoint professionals such as architects, surveyors and engineers who may be required. Then we would agree the proposed scheme and drawings for submission to the local authority for planning permissions and building regulations notification.

[3] AGREE COSTINGS – On production of construction drawings by the architect, the initial costing for the project can then be made, alongside an outline programme for the construction phase.

[4] AGREE TIMINGS & CONTRACTS – Before the first tradesmen arrive on site any revisions to the build design are made, so that the programme and costs can be refined as much as possible, any contracts or agreements with subcontractors are signed and a schedule for site meetings is drawn up.

[5] CONSTRUCTION PHASE – The next phase is the actual construction phase during which processes are implemented, suppliers and subcontractors are controlled and monitored. This ensures that the project is kept to programme, kept to budget as well as maintaining the quality of the build.

[6] COMPLETION AND SIGN-OFF – After completion of the construction phase and when the local authority has signed off the build, it is then handed over to the client with an agreed period, usually 6 months, for a revisit to site to check performance and rectify and defects which may have arisen in that time.

Regular onsite meetings, cost control and quality control processes, close liaison with the local authority building inspectors, construction standard contracts, competitive tendering of subcontractor elements, supplier pricing, clear and frequent communication with all involved along with my extensive knowledge and experience combine to ensure well managed surprise free, high quality projects every time.